Brand Personalities

The most vital part of the branding process is the initial inspiration board, it comes in two parts:

part one | You will supply a short written brief and a Pinterest board

part two |  I will then research your business extensively through the information you provide and create my own vision board for your brand

You might think this is unnecessary and that I could just start designing using your brief as reference but I can provide a non-biased outlook and ensure your brand has clarity and focus. When you are very close to something it is hard to truly convey the message you want.

personalities | You may already be familiar with the concept of seasons as brand personalities, as many designers use this theory. However, I found that even though the concept is sound, using seasonal names can be distracting. For example, an ice cream company will likely choose 'Summer' for obvious reasons but that might not be right for their brand. I have defined my own version (based on nature of course!) and I'll explain a bit more about each one.

- Please be aware that the following images are for guidance only, your branding will be completely unique and obviously won't match the exact colour palette and style of imagery shown -

| FIR | 
Brand Values - luxury, serious, decisive, extravagant, striking, elegant
Colours - deep, subdued, rich, contrasting, metallics

Brand Values - friendly, optimistic, imaginative, fun, bubbly
Colours - bold, clashing, fresh, bright, vivid

Brand Values - romantic, flowing, calm, ordered, formal, trustworthy
Colours - muted, soft, natural, warm, pastels


| OAK | 
Brand Values - strong, independent, authentic, passionate, relaxed
Colours - earthy, rich, heritage, naturals