Branding & Design

Building a brand involves pulling together a number of elements to form a cohesive entity.

My expertise lies in not only the technical side of design but the theory needed to create strength and structure to your brand.

This theory is the roots of your business, once those are established I can unfurl the new shoots so your business can bloom.


Starting your journey into branding your business is exciting but can be nerve-wracking. You may be a shiny new start-up or just planning a fresh new look but I can make the whole design process easy and enjoyable.

My creative approach is simple, efficient and practical so if that matches your ethos then I will be thrilled to discuss ideas with you. I only take on a limited number of clients so I prefer to collaborate only with those that I feel a connection.

I'd love to have a chat about branding and professional packages I can offer so please don't hesitate to GET IN TOUCH. Let's start planting those creative seeds.