Wholesale Enquiries

If you are interested in reselling Fernbank Studio products then certain ranges are available at wholesale prices. Currently I am offering the range of printed baby stationery including milestone cards and wardrobe dividers but if you are interested in stocking stamps then please feel free to send a message.


INITIAL ORDER - 50% discount on retail price is available on orders of 50 units or more. The units can be a mix of any combination of product/colours/design. 25% discount on retail price for orders of 25-50 units.

TOP UP ORDERS - Min. order 20 units for subsequent orders with pricing as initial order.

Products will be supplied in subtly branded packaging and must not be re-packaged. Products can be sold as individual items or as part of a bundle or gift set etc. as long as branding is maintained. Current products cannot be offered exclusivity but please enquire if you would like to commission an exclusive design. Products can be sold at any price.

PAYMENT TERMS - Invoice to be paid before dispatch of goods on initial order. Invoice is valid for 30 days. UK carriage is Free, please enquire about international costs. Large orders will require a turnaround of 2 weeks to complete and dispatch.

If you have further questions then please get in touch.