Ranger Mini Ink Pad Set

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These Ranger Mini Ink Pad sets are permanent, acid free and waterproof. The ink is high quality and fade resistant. The set contains 4 different colour ink pads each in a handy 1.25" x 1.75" size. They will air dry in matte surfaces or can be heat set on glossy surfaces. Recommended for adult use only. Full size size ink pads are also available in the shop. These ink pad sets are ideal for using with the baby shower fingerprint prints but please be aware that dye ink can stain skin.

There are 5 colour options available:

KIT 2: Forget-Me-Not/ Leaf Green/ Cactus Flower/ Watering Can
KIT 3: Bright Tangelo/ Chrome Yellow/ Vivid Chartreuse/ Manganese Blue
KIT 4: Vibrant Fuchsia/ Paradise Teal/ Majestic Violet/ Shadow Grey
KIT 5: Tiger Lily/ Buttercup/ Peat Moss/ Acorn
KIT 6: Poppy/ Prickly Pear/ Bluebird/ Thistle